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view criteria is not working properly

Jaismeen-OracleJan 25 2024

Hi All,

I wanted to check if material is already there then it should return true otherwise false. For this I wrote the procedure ismaterialpresent This procedure has 2 parameters. One is componentSequenceId and other is wdReplacedOperationId. wdReplacedOperationId comes from for loop . The issue is first time the for loop ran it passed wdReplacedOperationId and view criteria on that view correctly gets executed. Second time it passes wdReplacedOperationId that is also correct but the view criteria gets applied with first value of wdReplacedOperationId. Does someone think I am missing something in my code because the view criteria still takes the old value of bind variable wdReplacedOperationId.

For the first value in for loop it gives

for the second value it gives

In second run passed and view criteria wdreplacedoperationid is different.

Thank you so much.

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Added on Jan 25 2024
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