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Video: Provision user and ssh key with Ansible on Oracle Linux 8

LinuxVirtTrainTeam-OracleMar 11 2020 — edited Mar 25 2021



This video provides instructions for using Ansible with Vagrant to provision an Oracle Linux 8 system with an additional user and ssh key.


This video discusses the steps needed to create an Ansible script for provisioning an additional user and ssh key beyond the defaults in the standard Oracle Linux Vagrant box deployment.

Prerequisites for this video include installing Vagrant, Ansible, VirtualBox, and the Oracle Vagrant Boxes available on GitHub.

Here are the contents of the playbook.yml covered in the video:


- hosts: all

become: yes


- name: Add a user with access to sudo


     name: oracle

     password: "{{ 'oracle' | password_hash('sha512') }}"

     comment: Oracle User

     groups: wheel

     append: yes

     update_password: on_create

- name: Set authorized key for user oracle copying it from current user


     user: oracle

     state: present

     key: "{{ lookup('file', lookup('env','HOME') + '/.ssh/') }}"

Click on the following link to access the video:

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