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Video: Fluentd Introduction

LinuxVirtTrainTeam-OracleNov 11 2019 — edited Mar 25 2021


This video provides an introduction to Fluentd. Part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, it is open source software typically implemented for collecting, aggregating, processing, analyzing, and routing log files for later archiving.

With Fluentd, you are able to better analyze your logging information because of its unified logging for multiple systems. It is able to handle and manage various log file types from web servers to databases to applications.

Fluentd comes fully compatible with Kubernetes and Docker, and whether collecting or redirecting, Fluentd is able to scale to thousands of servers.


This video describes Fluentd and lists its features and benefits. It covers the life cycle of a Fluentd event and discusses the different types of plugins available.

Note: The information provided here is not intended for productions systems and is unsupported.

Click on the following link to access the video:,P24_PREV_PAGE:27586,1

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