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very slow metadata pre-processing before executing a query

vuatabcJan 30 2024

Environment: Windows 11
SQL Developer: version, build 097.1607,

When running a simple query, sometimes (randomly) SQL Developer takes a very long time to do some metadata pre-processing. Sorry, I am not sure what that process is called in SQL Developer. It can be seen in the window Log / Logging Page. In this window, there are several queries that are run before the actual query is run. For example, a query like “select /*distinct*/ object_name, object_Type from all_objects where object_type in ‘(SEQUENCE’) and owner in ('PUBLIC','SYS',user) and object_name like :1 ESCAPE ‘\’ and rownum < 50 …”, or “select table_owner, table_name from all_synonyms where owner = … ”.

Many times, these queries take a short time with Elapsed less than 300, but it is not rare to see these commands take up to 100,000 or 200,000 in Elapsed and then the actual query takes like 300.

Do we have any settings for this problem ?

Thanks, --Vu

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Added on Jan 30 2024