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Version 1.8 RPM Package Name is Incorrect

user9339610Oct 9 2014 — edited Nov 6 2015

I've noticed that RPM package name of JRE and JDK version 1.8u20 is incorrectly named compared to all other RPMs in Linux.

I couldn't figure out why it failed to "update" v1.8u11 to u20, but performing a query on the package reveals the difference in the package name. 

This package will not "update" v1.8v11.

rpm -qp jdk-8u20-linux.x64.rpm

* Results:


Shouldn't the package name be jdk-1.8.0_20-1.8.0_20-fcs.x86_64 ?

Out of thousands of RPM packages, this is the only one without the "dash" behind the package name and the major version.

Someone on the following thread said it was a "management decision".  Is this true?  Doesn't this break the ease-of-use of RPMs and the RPM standard - whatever that really is?

If you want multiple versions of JDK on a system, then use the TAR files and drop them where ever you want.

Will this change in 1.8u21+?

I also heard that Red Hat may start charging an additional fee for their packaged Java repository when they release their latest version of it.  Is this related to changes in Oracle policy?

Not sure if any of this is true or not.  Maybe this is a side affect of the change?! 

Don't you just love policy changes?

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Added on Oct 9 2014