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Validation Taking too much time

JanGLiMar 13 2018 — edited Mar 14 2018


FDMEE version

Hyperion Planning:


Core: 16

RAM: 32 GB

OS: Linux 6.6 64-bit

I am trying to use pre-packaged integration with EBS GL using FDMEE. Data import from EBS takes nearly 10-15 minutes but validation is taking more than 2 hours. I am not sure why this is happening and how i can improve performance... my resources are not  being completely used... CPU usage is barely above 5% and ram is barely above 50%. I have set java heap size for erpintegrator0 managed server to 8 GB out of which only 52 percent is being used. I am not sure how can i get FDMEE to use complete resources.

I have installed everything on one server with RDBMS residing on different server. I have 4 multi-dimensional mapping and the record count is nearly .4 million (400,000+). I am not sure how mapping effects performance.

Kindly help me achieve better performance.