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Using VSCode as _EDITOR does not work (SQLcl: Release Production Build:

User_MKVLWMay 13 2022

I'm loving sqlcl so far but I've run into a problem with external editors on Windows.
When I set DEFINE _EDITOR = code.cmd in my login.sql and use the edit command to edit open an sql file or the buffer in VS Code the file properly opens in VS Code but the sqlcl prompt returns immediately with what was already existing in the buffer. So even if I edit the file and save sqlcl does not pick up any of those changes.
It would be super helpful if this worked as intended as running sqlcl in the integrated vscode terminal and having edit open in the same instance is very handy.

This post has been answered by User_MKVLW on May 13 2022
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Added on May 13 2022
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