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Using the HTML editor to design e-mails, what about css?

Paul JorstadSep 9 2021 — edited Sep 9 2021

I'm trying out the HTML editor in Apex to be used for e-mails. It works quite good for simple html, but it misses the css classes used in the generated HTML. For example.
<mark class="pen-red">Something in RED</mark>
...will not show up in red in the e-mail client beacause it doesn't know about the "pen-red" class.
In general only in-line css sould be used for HTML e-mails. So - is there a way to convert the Apex generated HTML to 100% inlined HTML?
I've tested a plug-in;, which generates only in-line styles (plain html) which shows fine in e-mail clients. But in general, I want to use standard Apex items.
Apex 21.1

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Added on Sep 9 2021