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Using the docker image

commi235Dec 24 2017

Hi all,

I was stumbling over the same thing that Lucas had in another thread.

So I thought to write a quick guide to running the mle-docker image.

First thing:
I'm in no way an expert when it comes to docker.

There might be an easier way, but I don't know any better yet.

This is how far I got until now:

  1. Download the mle-docker-0.2.7.tar.gz to your machine.
  2. Switch to the directory where you downloaded the file.
  3. Load the image:
    docker load -i mle-docker-0.2.7.tar.gz
    ( I know there is also docker import command, but I ran into issues when using that one. )
  4. Wait until docker has finished it's job. (Get a coffee )
  5. docker images
    Check out which Image ID you got.
  6. Run the image:
    docker run -itP --name <your_choice> <image_id>
    This will keep the output open and map all ports which should be exposed to some random port on your host machine.
  7. Wait until everything is set up, it will show you a tail of the alert log when finished. (More coffee )
    This really takes a while, but to be fair it sets up a complete database when first started.
  8. Get yourself a shell:
    docker exec -it mle-docker /bin/bash

I haven't yet tried out to load some JS into the DB but that's for another time.



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Added on Dec 24 2017