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Using the BEA Content Management System

251513Jul 8 2008 — edited Jul 23 2008

We are currently attempting to setup CMS under Weblogic Portal 8.1 (sp4) for use with an application we are building. We have built a new "type" with its own custom properties.

In a JSP, we need to provide drop downs that a user can select from, to query the CMS for documents. The values in the drop downs mirror the values in the property fields of the documents kept in the CMS. There should be a distinct list for the drop downs, no duplicate entries.

Has anyone built drop downs populated from the property values of the documents in CMS?

Was this built using content selectors? Or was this built using queries to the database supporting the CMS?

An additional note, the amount of content will increase by at least 1gig a year.

Thank you,
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Added on Jul 8 2008