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Using SOA BPEL fault policies and binding in combination with BPEL catchAll

Aashish RanjanApr 18 2024


I have a scenario where I am calling a 3rd party rest service. I want that whenever there is a remote fault while calling the rest service BPEL should attempt 2 retries 30 seconds apart. If even the retries fail, control should go to the BPEL's catchAll block where I am processing the fault, sending an email notification etc. Now the problem is if I use the fault policies and binding to configure the retries, the control doesn't go back to catchAll in the BPEL. I tried setting the default failure action as rethrow fault in retry properties but it ignores the catchAll block. If i don't use fault policies then on failure the control goes to catchAll but it do not attempt retry in case remote fault. [

retry properties1

Does SOA don't allow the use of fault policies and binding along with catchAll?

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Added on Apr 18 2024