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Using rich text editor in new asset type input form

891772May 24 2012 — edited May 30 2012
Hey everyone,

I'm currently trying to create assets based on a newly created asset type (which I of course, created). However, the STORAGE property I declared in the asset definition file is to support formatted text, which would normally be pasted from word documents. Note that I'm using the Basic Asset Model.

Thus, I need a rich-text editor to be used in the content input form. So, after looking at the tags reference in the developer's documentation, I thought that I could use EWEBEDITPRO to achieve my goal but there's always an error mentionning that the component can't be launched. I supposedly have to configure two parameters, one of them being the path for ewebeditpro.js. I looked for that but haven't found it. On the other hand, I looked at the Oracle WebCenter Sites Property File document and that one stated that EWEBEDITPRO is deprecated and not supported (?!?!).

So in short, what can I use, as a rich-text/html editor?? Thanks in advance for any reply!

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Added on May 24 2012