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Using ODI with REST API and OAUTH 2.0

Hrvoje BilićFeb 26 2024 — edited Feb 27 2024

Hi to all,

Help needed. We want to integrate ODI with some REST API services, with the services using OAUTH 2.0 authorization. By my understanding of the security mechanism, ODI should initially (in first command) send all the required parameters for authorization (client ID, client secret, Auth URL and Access Token URL), after which (once received) the token should be used in the second command in the request itself, by specifying the exact request.

This all sounds pretty understandable when talking about it, but in implementation I need some advice.

I've found the following documentation from Oracle, but I don't really entirely understand if this specified below really encompasses the OAUTH flow:

Also, I did browse the forum a bit and ran into this topic: which has some pretty valuable information from @christyxo and @dung-dinh-oracle .

What I still don't fully understand is how to specify the initial call towards the authorization server. Should this be done within ODI UI as suggested above by christyxo or somehoy else?

Thanks for your help!

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Added on Feb 26 2024