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Using ODI variable

user12251389Oct 6 2021 — edited Oct 7 2021

I am using ODI 12c. I have created Variable and i am trying to use this variable value in filter condition to filter the data based on a timestamp. But its not working.
Basically what i am trying is from my target table TEST_SDADDR i am trying to get max Timestamp everytime and trying to pass this value in Filter condition so that from source table CSL_STG_DEC_SDADDR, i will always load the latest data into my target table TEST_SDADDR.
This is how i have created variable and trying to use Variable in filter:
image.pngI am getting below error:
ODI-1593: The following bind parameters (36:29.0) in the task command are not bound to any value. All the bind parameters should be bound for the command to be successful.

This post has been answered by Rodrigo Radtke Souza on Oct 6 2021
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