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Using Methods on Tables on second schema

koyliFeb 20 2024

In a workspace mapped to more than one schema, is there a way to run the Methods on Tables utility in SQL Workshop against a schema other than the one first provisioned for the workspace?

It doesn't matter what I set the default schema for my SQL Workshop session to, Methods on Tables will always default to the first provisioned schema and doesn't offer a way to change it like some of the other utilities (eg Data Workshop) do.

I know I can use Generate Table API in SQL Developer but it uses different naming conventions and doesn't generate the get procedures or the MD5 procedure to help with lost update detection in APEX - so needs a lot of alteration to match the packages generated by Methods on Tables.

Currently using APEX 23.1.4.



This post has been answered by Karel Ekema on Feb 22 2024
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Added on Feb 20 2024