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Using hardware counters on logical domains

Brian VandenbergJul 2 2014 — edited Jul 2 2014

I'm reading through the following article on RAW hazards:

... and attempting to test out some of the examples, but I can't seem to get any results out of the RAW_hit_st_buf hardware counter.

The machines I'm working off are T4 or T5 machines split up into logical domains.  I have two suspicions here:

1) The virtualization layer used to split them into logical domains is preventing me from accessing the hardware counters

2) I need special permissions to access the hardware counters, but for whatever reason the various tools aren't notifying me that I lack the necessary permissions

My questions are:

1) can you confirm or deny (1) above?

2) If it is possible to access hardware counters on logical domains, what (if any) configuration changes need to be made to enable this functionality?

3) If (2) is an issue, what permissions are needed?


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Added on Jul 2 2014