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Using DNS entry instead of reconfiguration

MikkisJul 8 2020 — edited Jul 9 2020

We have recently performed DB upgrade in non-prod. As part of the upgrade we have built new DB server - say BBB. Our hyperion environment was pointing to old DB server - say AAA. Now we need to change DB server from AAA to BBB.
For that, instead of re-configuring the DB for hyperion components, we put DNS entry in BBB server (In other words, AAA is the second alias for BBB)

Now anything in hyperion that points to AAA isĀ  essentially pointing to BBB (Pinging AAA gives the IP address of BBB server).

My question is - has anyone done the DB change this way without reconfiguration? If yes, what are some of the things I need to check or validate?

I have done full testing of environment without any issues. For one issue with Workspace login for newly provisioned users, I disabled a setting in weblogic. Other than this, didn't see any issues. Diagnostic reports are good.

Thanks in advance,