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Using Applets in Lotus Notes R5

843807Sep 18 2002 — edited Sep 20 2002
I was wondering whether anyone has successfully used Java applets in Notes Client applications (not web applications).

Specifically, what JDK version can I assume to work. I would think JDK 1.1.6 from the documentation of the R5 Domino Server, but I couldn't find an explicit statement about which JRE version the R5 Client supports.

What I am trying to do is:

(a) Use Java to implement things with NotesUI-Objects one would traditionally do using LotusScript, like putting "Hello World" into a field on a freshly opened Lotus Notes Form. People seem to be more willing to learn Java than LotusScript these days. :-)

(b) Use custom Java Applets to display eg a barchart depending on data inside Notes and external data sources, instead of using eg Excel through OLE/ActiveX as I and others traditionally did and still are doing.

Anyone can help here?
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Added on Sep 18 2002
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