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Using 10g SQL Plus from a batch file

746290Jan 13 2010 — edited Jan 13 2010
I installed the Oracle Database 10g Express Client and configured my ODBC and tnsnames.ora settings, and I think I have it all right, because when I open the SQL Command Line I can connect to the database just fine using:

connect <username>/<password>@<database>

However, when I try to log in through a non-SQL command line or batch file using the syntax:

sqlplus <username>/<password>@<database>

I get the error "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified." That syntax used to work for me with 9.2. Does the functionality still exist in 10.2?

Update #1:
The sqlplus login works from a normal command widow if I first CD C:\XEClient\bin. I still can't get it to work from a batch file, even when I specify the path. Does this mean the batch file command can't find my tnsnames.ora? If so, what environment variable do I need to set? I already have the client directory in the Path and ORACLE_HOME variables.

Update #2:
I started randomly trying every Oracle environment variable I could find a reference to, and found that setting TNS_ADMIN to the C:\XEClient\bin directory worked.

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Added on Jan 13 2010