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User unable to validate or deploy Business Rules in Calc Manager

871161Sep 14 2011 — edited Dec 14 2011
We have an intermittent issue with Calc Manager on an Oracle On Demand hosted environment.

Every so often one of the developers will get error messages when trying to deploy or validate a business rule (against a planning application) which indicates that a connection cannot be made to the deployed application. Other users will be fine to deploy the same BR.

Deployment error:
The deployment was not successful.
An error occurred while trying to deploy to the server ''.
host parameter is null.

Validation Error:
The rule validated with no errors.
The rule could not be validated against the deployed application, because connection information could not be found.

I assume that the validate OK / validation failed messages indicate the rule validates against the EPMA repository but cannot be validated against the deployed application.

The error seems attached to the user account - signing in to other browsers / machines as the problem user does not solve the problem. Logging in as another user to the same browser will allow successful deployment. Eventually the problem will afflict other users but this might be a day or so later.

I have seen [this post|] that simply records restarting thee service clears the error but does not identify any underlying cause.

Restarting the Calc Manager service clears the issue, untill it recurs a day or so later. Whilst bouncing the service is OK it does not seem to be addressing the root cause - has anyone else identified the source of this problem?

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