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User management and Access Control in HCM Cloud

974412Nov 15 2012

Information is scarce about User management and Access Control in Oracle Cloud generally. Today, I have two questions :

- How can I bridge HCM Cloud user store with my on-premise IDM or security repository in order to allow identty governance to flow to HCM Cloud service ?

The only information I got was that you can declare manually and by bulk import through files my users. This is not really interresting as I have an automatic IDM with workflows and identity control on provisioning and de-provisioning.

Is there a SPML or proprietary endpoint to do it automatically ? What are the prerequisites ? Do I have to implement OIM on my side ?

- Once my users are created, how can I do webSSO from my internal security repositories to the HCM Cloud service ?

I do not want to distribute new set of login / passwords to my users. Is it possible to do Identity Federation (SAML 2.0 or WS-Fed) with HCM Cloud service ? What are the prerequisites ? Do I have to implement OAM on my side ?

I accept all pieces of information you can give me on this topic to help me understand the funcitonalites, limits and options offered by Oracle Cloud and more precisely by HCM Cloud service.

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Added on Nov 15 2012