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USER_FILTER and database character set

StmNov 25 2008 — edited Nov 26 2008

I'm currently working on the integration of a tool into Oracle Text for filtering PDFs. My current approach is to call a command line tool via a USER_FILTER preference, and this works fine as long as the database character set is AL32UTF8. The tool is creating the filtered text as UTF-8.

I'm struggling now with the case that the database character set is not Unicode, for example LATIN1. I had hoped that I can specify a chain of filters for this situation when creating the index, first a USER_FILTER to get the text out of the document and then a CHARSET_FILTER to convert the filtered text from UTF-8 into the database character set. This is my attempt to set this up:

execute ctx_ddl.create_preference ('my_pdf_datastore', 'file_datastore')
execute ctx_ddl.create_preference ('my_pdf_filter', 'user_filter')
execute ctx_ddl.set_attribute ('my_pdf_filter', 'command', 'tetfilter.bat')
execute ctx_ddl.create_preference('my_cs_filter', 'CHARSET_FILTER');
execute ctx_ddl.set_attribute('my_cs_filter', 'charset', 'UTF8');
create index tetindex on pdftable (pdffile) indextype is ctxsys.context parameters ('datastore my_pdf_datastore filter my_pdf_filter filter my_cs_filter');

These are the error messages I'm getting (sorry, German Windows):
FEHLER in Zeile 1:
ORA-29855: Fehler bei Ausf³hrung der Routine ODCIINDEXCREATE
ORA-20000: Oracle Text-Fehler:
DRG-11004: Doppelter oder unvereinbarer Wert f³r FILTER
ORA-06512: in "CTXSYS.DRUE", Zeile 160

The relevant message is DRG-11004, which translates to "duplicate or incompatible value for FILTER".

So here is my question:

Do I understand it correctly that with the USER_FILTER the text is always expected in the database encoding, and that it is mandatory to create the filtered text in the database character set, or are there any alternatives?

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Added on Nov 25 2008
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