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User Audit Report showing last login date/time

Maureen RadtkeAug 18 2022

I am a new System Admin for our organization and I've been asked to provide a User Audit report that shows the last time a User logged in. I am not finding anything that shows last login day/time anywhere. I've tried an individual History Report as well as the User and Role Access Audit Report and nothing shows the last log in date/time. In searching I found that there is an Inactive User Report but you have to setup an Import User Login History tracking report before the Inactive User Report will give you any information. I tried setting up the Import User Login History report to start running now and end dates into the future and it keeps giving me "remote region errrors", I'm up to #4. I have not been successful in identifying what these errors even mean just that my report schedule failed.
Does anyone know of a report I can run, giving me all of the users, and the last time they logged in?
Thank you!

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Added on Aug 18 2022
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