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'UsedCPU' and 'ProcUsedCPU' metrics

User_IYZP4Nov 1 2019 — edited Dec 2 2019

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand what 'UsedCPU' and 'ProcUsedCPU' metrics from ODL is.

The document  says

  • UsedCPU=n.nnnnn;—total processor CPU usage (sum of all processes CPU usage);
  • ProcUsedCPU=n.nnnnn;—current XDS process CPU usage;

But what does 'n.nnnnn' really mean? Is it absolute value OR it's percent of smth OR maybe average value?

Some examples doesn't show me any relation between  'UsedCPU' and 'ProcUsedCPU'.


[2017-03-25T09:55:57.767450-04:00] [XFM] [TRACE:1] [EPMHFM-00000] [XFM] [ecid: ] [File: CHsvDSSystemInfo.cpp] [Line: 6002] [userId: ] [appName: appName] [pid: 6712] [tid: 11004] [host: ] [nwaddr: ] [errorCode: 0] [srcException: NotSpec] [errType: 1] [dbUpdate: 1] [] [[SYSINFO:Application=appName; PID=6712; NumUsers=1; CPU(Cores)=4; NumTasks=0; NumErrors=0; PhysicalMem=34359738368; UsedPhysicalMem=21518761984; ProcUsedPhysicalMem=3144421376; VirtualMem=8796092891136; UsedVirtualMem=5575741440; ProcUsedVirtualMem=3186987008; UsedCPU=4.57242; ProcUsedCPU=193.518; NumCubesInRAM=2853; NumDataRecordsInRAM=1192643; NumRecordsInLargestCube=53311]]

UsedCPU=4.57242; ProcUsedCPU=193.518;

So current XDS process CPU usage is 193.518 (>100 ???), but total processor CPU usage (sum of all processes CPU usage) is 4.57242. Doesn't make sence.

2. from a bug description:

[2017-10-23T11:12:22.690775-04:00] [XFM] [TRACE:1] [EPMHFM-00000] [XFM]

[ecid: XDS.0000.0000.0000.0001] [File: CHsvDSSystemInfo.cpp] [Line: 6091]

[userId: ] [appName: EMHECHFM] [pid: 25516] [tid: 148] [host: cihemspzone001]

[nwaddr:;] [errorCode: 0] [srcException: NotSpec] [errType: 1]

[dbUpdate: 1] []  [[SYSINFO:Application=EMHECHFM; PID=25516;

NumUsers=1; CPU(Cores)=128; NumTasks=1; NumErrors=0;

PhysicalMem=4396704333824; UsedPhysicalMem=0; ProcUsedPhysicalMem=6405640;

VirtualMem=4396704333824; UsedVirtualMem=0; ProcUsedVirtualMem=6275776;

UsedCPU=300.079; ProcUsedCPU=0; NumCubesInRAM=2063;

NumDataRecordsInRAM=1750917; NumRecordsInLargestCube=445019]]

Ok. it's a bug but...

current XDS process CPU usage is zero and total processor CPU usage (sum of all processes CPU usage) is 300.

Please help me to understand.

Thanks in advance.