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Use APEX For Mass email Transmission (Notify Users of Service Outages)?

719944Aug 29 2009 — edited Aug 31 2009
We are developing an APEX application to track User preferences on which services we provide they would like to receive email notifications on when there are issues or upcoming maintenance. We know how to capture the info, and I am pretty sure we know how to send an email from APEX already, but what I am wondering is if APEX will efficiently handle the emailing of a couple thousand emails or if there is a better way to handle this? I have thought about using ListServes, but we have a bunch of business logic/criteria when 1 User would receive an email vs. another (e.g. planned vs. unplanned outages would require the use of 2 ListServes for EVERY service we want to send notifications out on; sending to email accounts (long text) vs. sending to a cell phone (short text) would also require doubling the number of ListServes we would need - this is not an acceptable approach as we would be needing tens or more ListServes set up / maintained).

Hence, we are really, really hoping that APEX can do the email send function and drop the need for ListServes. That way APEX can contain all of the business logic, and select which email accounts need to be sent to based on the current notification situation.

Does this work? Any ideas on how best to do it within APEX if it does? If not APEX (and ListServes), and other thoughts on how to best accomplish this requirement?

Thank you for any help you can provide on this!!!
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