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Upgrading from jdku40 to jdku60 showAndWait stops working.

user13665758Feb 19 2016 — edited Feb 23 2016

Hi everybody,

i have a strange issue with the showAndWait method of an Alert that works perfectly in jdk 8u40.

In the app there is a playing timeline that does some light jobs such as retreiving few data from a local datasource, but in jdk8u60 and later i receive the following exception when i try to show the confirm dialog using the showAndWait method:

showAndWait is not allowed during animation or layout processing

The alert is a confirmation type that interacts with a javascript confirmation dialog of a webEngine using its setConfirmHandler(...) method that needs a Boolean as return type of its confirmHandler.

I made some attempts such stopping the timeline before the alert is shown, but i don't think this is an elegant solution and i suspect there is some details that i ignore.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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Added on Feb 19 2016
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