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Upgraded Application no longer respecting "Use Generic Column Names" in XML print output

JessicaWilsonSep 22 2020 — edited Sep 22 2020

I have an apex application that was upgraded from 5.1 to 20.1.  This application has several pages that produce classic reports  with a source of "PL/SQL Function Body returning SQL Query".   The printing attributes section uses a BI rtf layout to produce a PDF output of the data.  Prior to the upgrade, the XML that was produced used the generic column names of COL01...COLXX.  Now the XML is showing the specific column names, which causes all the PDF reports to be blank.  I can re-create all the templates to use the specific column names, but I'd prefer not to.  Has anyone seen this behavior and know how to revert back to generic column naming in the XML list?

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Added on Sep 22 2020