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Upgrade to 11G failing on DB error

user473864Aug 16 2012 — edited Aug 17 2012

I'm running the install to upgrade sites from 7.6 to 11G. All is working fine until I come to point it makes the DB modifications. Its failing on the following error:

[2012-08-16 14:03:29.067][CS.INSTALL][ERROR] CSSetupEngine.initReInitAction: Error received = Command failed:createtable
Can't create Sysinfo catalog

Initialization Error: Response from system =

<!--FTCS|||result=failure|||reason=Command failed:createtable|||err=-22|||command=createtable|||params=|||-->
Can't create Sysinfo catalog<br>
<!--FTCS|||result=failure|||reason=Can't create Sysinfo catalog|||err=-100|||command=InitializeSystem|||params=|||--><br>ERROR: Unable to initialize system catalogs! <br><br>
Can't create Sysinfo catalog

Its looks like its trying to create the systemifo table and failing because it exists already, which is does because its an upgrade and not a new installation. Is there a flag or something to tell the installer the environment is to be upgraded and not a brand new one, or any other ideas?

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