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Upgrade RHEL7 to RHEL8 on Multi-OMS (EM13.5-RU12)

MBaumannDEMar 15 2023

Hi Community.

We have a Multi-OMS (two OMS - EM13.5-RU12) with LB running on RHEL7.

OS guys convince us to upgrade to RHEL8.

Is it possible to add two more nodes via “Enterprise-Provisioning and Patching-Procedure Library-Add Oracle Management Service”? (Lifecycle Management Option is licensed).

In an interims-state we should have then a four node OMS (OMS1 and OMS2 on RHEL7, OMS3 and OMS4 on RHEL8)

After cloning (testing, reconfiguration of the LB, etc.) we plan to shutdown the nodes running RHEL 7.

As result we should have a migration to RHEL8 w/o downtime.

Documentation says in:
Cloud Control Basic Installation Guide
13c Release 5
January 2022

7 Adding Additional Oracle Management Services

You can clone only when the source host and the destination host are running on the same operating system and architecture. For example, if the source host is a Linux 32-bit host, then the destination host must also be a Linux 32-bit host. Similarly, if the source host is a Linux 64-bit host, then the destination host must also be a Linux 64-bit host.

Prerequisites for Adding an Additional Oracle Management Service:
Operating System Requirements: Ensure that the destination host (that is, the host on which you are installing an additional OMS) is running on the same operating system as that of the source host (that is, the host from where you are cloning the first OMS).

From my understanding this is given. Or am I wrong?

Kind regards

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Added on Mar 15 2023