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Upgrade Oracle Linux 7.8 (OL7) to Oracle Linux 8.4 (OL8) - Using leapp the target parameter is not respected

2788323Aug 22 2023

I have a test environment on Oracle Linux 7.8 virtualized locally with vSphere 6.5 (I have also tested with VMware Workstation 17) and its required to be taken to a specific version, to version 8.4 (or 8.6); I have a backup and checkpoint, so it is feasible to do a rollback etc.

$ cat /etc/oracle-release > Oracle Linux Server release 7.8

The locale corresponds to en_US.UTF-8, PermitRootLogin yes is set in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and yum update is applied to update all the packages to 7.9 (updating the kernel version); with the environment updated to 7.9, leapp is installed and later executed indicating the desired version (as mentioned, 8.4 but I have also tested with 8.6).

$ sudo leapp preupgrade --oraclelinux --target 8.4

There is only one alert for remove_pam_pkcs11_module_check, which is confirmed to true for the installation to be done. Next, the upgrade is performed.

$ sudo leapp upgrade --oraclelinux --target 8.4

Everything normal and the Operating System is updated, the issue is that its upgraded to version 8.8 (latest 8.x) and not to the desired 8.4 (or 8.6).

cat /etc/oracle-release > Oracle Linux Server release 8.8

Do you know where I'm going wrong, or it's missing something? Is it possible to upgrade to a specific version (8.x)? I have tried using another version, in this case 8.6 but I have the same problem (the OS updates to 8.8 and not 8.6).


This post has been answered by MichaelC-Oracle on Aug 23 2023
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Added on Aug 22 2023