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Upgrade from 11g to 19c as it applies to Oracle Forms and Reports 12 (

goodluck247Feb 6 2024

The DBAs are upgrading the database from 11g to 19c. I am in charge of the Oracle Forms and Reports 12 ( apps, which ran on 11g, and now will be running against 19c. As such, I am tasked with testing the Forms apps with 19c. I began by finding out that Oracle Fusion Middleware as well as Oracle Forms and Reports is certified by Oracle to work with 19c. In terms of the actual tests, I am thinking of manually testing one by one the modules which connect to the DB, namely, database blocks, buttons, other functionalities which use the DB. Has anyone done any such testing before, and if yes, can any of this be automated? Are there any hidden obstacles? Also, I guess I will have to recompile the forms with this new database? Thank you.

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Feb 8 2024
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Added on Feb 6 2024