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Upgradation process of Oracle APEX on-prem

Arfaat ShaikhDec 11 2023

I'm currently using Oracle APEX 22.2 on-prem, and I'm considering upgrading to version 23.2. However, I'm hesitant because I fear that the upgrade might affect the applications I created in 22.2. My concern stems from a test where I downloaded a 22.2 application and installed it on, which is currently running version 23.2. The result was that only the application pages were installed, and the associated tables were not.

Here are my current specifications:

  • Oracle APEX: 22.2
  • Oracle DB: 21c
  • Tomcat: 9.0
  • ORDS = 22.4

I'd appreciate any insights or advice on this upgrade, especially if you've faced similar situations or have successfully upgraded in a similar environment. Your assistance will be valuable in helping me make an informed decision.

Thank you for your help.

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Added on Dec 11 2023