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Updating Image Metadata in Image file

Sanket24Feb 10 2016 — edited Feb 26 2016

Hi All,

I am trying to update value of the image metadata like Title, Subject, Image Description, Comments, Author, etc. through Java code but have failed to do so.

I have tried many code available online but have not succeeded.

However, I have been able to read the metadata values and print them but writing is an issue.

Could anybody please help me out with the code part of writing or updating metadata values in an Image.

Exact scenario is - I have large set of images which I want to compress so as to reduce the disk space utilised. But the compression code generates an image in which all metadata (image attributes) values get lost which are of importance to me. So, finding a code by which I can copy read the metadata values from the original image and write it them to the compressed image.



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Added on Feb 10 2016