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update popup of input file component does not work

Roberto JermouApr 16 2014 — edited Apr 19 2014

Hi experts.

I'm using jDeveloper

I have a fragment with an inputfile component.

*** JSFF ***

<af:inputFile id="txfArch" maximumFiles="1"

                    label="#{pageFlowScope.p_label}" partialTriggers="btnAdju"



I configured in my web.xml UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY and UPLOAD_MAX_DISK_SPACE params:

*** WEB.XML***









On page I select a file larger than 500MB and then loading it shows the message that the file is too large. This is OK.

The input file showme a button for update the file. I click on the update button and a popup appear to provide the possibility to select another file. This is OK.

The problem is that when I select another file the input file does nothing (in other words does not respond to button click).

How can I fix it?

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