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Update Open World & Introducing Greg Jensen

Naresh PersaudAug 27 2014

Introducing Greg Jensen: New Forum Manager

Hope you are all having a great summer or winter depending on your region of the planet. We have an exciting year planned for the community and Greg Jensen, Product Marketing Director for Identity Management, will be the new manager of the Identity Architect Forum. He will be sending out invitations to monthly meetings and facilitating connections between members of the forum. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome the feedback. The next call will happen on September 9th with details to follow soon. Greg is based central US time if you need to reach him.


Phone: +1 (972) 897-0663

Oracle Open World 2014

As some of you may be aware, Oracle hosts Open World, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, every year in San Francisco. This year the conference begins on Sunday September 28th, 2014 and runs till Thursday Oct 2nd. With over 18 separate Identity Management sessions, there is something for everyone.  To register click here.  For a complete list of Identity Management sessions click here. There will be an Identity Management customer reception held Monday evening the 29th. We would like to extend an invitation to all Identity Architect Forum members to join us. Please send a note to Greg Jensen ( if you will be attending and he will have you added to the list.

The concert on Wednesday evening is always a highlight of the event. This year Aerosmith will be performing along with Macklemore, Capital Cities and Empire of the Sun.  Your pass to Open World gives you free access.

If you are attending Open World, please let Greg know. We will host a separate call before Open World to provide you with our insider guide on what to see and do at Open World - so you can make the most of your time at the event.

Top 5 Must See Identity Sessions

Identity Services in the New GM [CON2007]

The speaker's team at General Motors started with what seemed to be a straightforward mandate: “The New GM IT organization should be in-sourced and delivering internally focused IT services that enable the GM business.” This session provides insight into how they transformed their existing identity platform from multiple legacy technologies to leveraging the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite 11g Release 2. The focus is on how they provided secure, transparent access to key enterprise tools, with standards-based federation technologies such as SAML, WS-*, and XACML at the core of their approach. The session also reviews the full set of IAM capabilities, such as administration and provisioning of identities (with SPML) and user profile and access management (with XAMCL).

Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Managing Large-Scale Identity Management Deployments [CON8045]

Today’s digital economy demands that organizations deploy large-scale identity management solutions. Once your solution is in place, you must monitor the performance of the existing infrastructure while having a plan to quickly apply patches and do upgrades to obtain new capabilities. This session discusses the different architectures available to support the scale you need and covers how the identity management solution can be monitored to provide alerts about potential issues prior to any outages. The presentation also discusses the simplicity of applying patches and advances that reduce the time requirements of the entire solution.

There and Back Again: Journey to a Successful Deployment [CON8025]

Deploying an identity management solution is a substantial project that has many moving parts and affects the entire organization, from business practices to technology. In this session, Oracle system integrators share their best practices to make sure you avoid some common pitfalls that often derail projects. A properly deployed identity management system can enable business growth and reduce cost, and the presentation discusses how other organizations have accomplished this

Trust but Verify: Best Practices for Monitoring Privileged Users [CON8005]

Privileged accounts provide administrators with root-level access to systems and applications. As these accounts are frequently shared, providing secure controls to prevent malicious use is a top priority for most organizations. Increasingly, organizations are equally concerned about the operational implications of root-level changes, especially when changes can affect hundreds of servers, as in cloud environments. This session provides details on how Oracle is extending identity governance to secure access to privileged accounts, highlighting key features such as session monitoring, integration with ticketing systems, and enterprise architectural fit. Less

Identity as a Service: Extend Enterprise Controls and Identity to the Cloud [CON8040]

As organizations continue to adopt software as a service (SaaS) applications to provide various business services such as CRM, office, HR, and collaboration, it is critical that identity management controls be extended to these services to provide increased security while reducing risk and facilitating compliance activities. Oracle’s cloud-based identity service extends enterprise controls to the cloud, automating SaaS account provisioning, enabling single sign-on and providing detailed activity reports. Setup and access are made simple with wizard-driven configuration and a cross-platform user portal, and Oracle Managed Cloud Service enables organizations to quickly deliver an entire identity solution to their enterprise, greatly reducing time to market

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