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Update/Insert Trigger Help

AzamshareefSep 30 2013 — edited Oct 1 2013


I have the 3 tables and its descriptions are as follows

tab1(tno1 number,tname1 varchar2(10));

tab2(tno2 number,tname2 varchar2(10),value_type varchar2(10),transaction_type varchar2(10),transaction_date date);

tab3(tno3 number,tname3 varchar2(10));

I want to insert values into tab2 when tab1 gets updated based on checking

Suppose if i have statement

update tab1 set tname1='ABC'  where tno1=1234;

Then values from tab1 and tab3 should record in tab2. Example

1) update tab1 set tname1='ABC'  where tno1=1234;

2) select * from tab2;

tno2         tname2          value_type      transaction_type    transaction_date

1234        XXX               OLD               UPDATING            30-SEP-2013

1234        YYY              NEW             UPDATING            30-SEP-2013

Second row showing tname2 as YYY that belongs to tab3(tname3)

tno1,tno2 and tno3 is common for the table tab1,tab2 and tab3 respectively.

How do i do this please help me.....

Thanks in advance......

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Added on Sep 30 2013