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Update a table in ALL PDBs

User_A7RKTMay 10 2017 — edited Jun 11 2017

Hi guys,

It is about Oracle 12c R2 Multitenant option.

I understand that I can use the CONTAINERS clause in an UPDATE statement to update a table in a specific container using WHERE CON_ID=<con_id>... and if you omit this where condition, it will update the table in the current container.

SQL> show user

USER is "C##USER1"

SQL>  update containers(app_users) set user_name='updated'  where con_id=3;

1 row updated.

My question is: is there a way to update a table in ALL the pdbs?

Thanks in advance!

This post has been answered by SUPRIYO DEY on May 10 2017
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