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Up 2 date standalone oratop in 12cR2

798463Jul 31 2017 — edited Aug 24 2017


reading Document ID 1500864.1 I see it updated on 18/4/17 and that latest standalone oratop version is 14.1.2 with latest version of supported RDBMS listed 12.1.

It has been some time that the preferred method was tfactl, but oratop still supported and I always used that, especialy in standalone RDBMS.

I never tried tfactl, but working on a 12cR2 RAC cluster and not seeing the oratop version as supported, I gave it a try.

I see that it seems to be using version 14.2.1 of oratop

[root@testrac1 ~]# tfactl

tfactl> db TEST                                                                                                         

Set db to TEST

TEST tfactl> oratop                                                                                                      

oratop: Release 14.2.1 Production on Mon Jul 31 15:56:11 2017

Copyright (c) 2011, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Also confirmed pressing "h" key while inside oratop launched from tfactl:

oratop: Release 14.2.1

Interactive Keys: [default]

d : toggle between [Cumulative (C)] & Real-Time (RT) (section 3)

So the question is: is standalone oratop utility going to be deprecated? Any pointer to download eventually oratop standalone 14.2.1?

Thanks in advance,


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Added on Jul 31 2017