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Unified Auditing Policy enabled by profile?

PokerDragonJun 1 2022

We would like to create an audit policy that is enabled only for users belonging to a certain profile. This attribute is not available through the USERENV context so we can't use that. We attempted to create a login trigger that would populate a custom context with the user's profile, however we discovered that this login trigger is not executed until after the audit policy is applied. (We applied the policy to all users in a lab environment and the resulting audit shows the statements being executed by the login trigger.) So kind of a cart-before-the-horse scenario.
Has anyone identified a way to create an audit policy that applies only to users belonging to a specific profile? I'd rather not create a dummy role to assign to these users to control auditing as it requires additional maintenance when adding and dropping users.

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Added on Jun 1 2022
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