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Unified Audit Trail logs mirror table

User_MDUQ4Jan 5 2023

Hi All,
I have a problem I can't solve due to lack of error reason details.
My goal:
Having a continuing sequence number at all my unfied audit trail logs.
Knowing that the audsys.unified_audit_trail is a view with further underlying views, I would like to transfer the entries from the trail into a real table once they occur and also give them a sequence number to make them unique (-> avoiding duplicates in another system when reading my table).
The sessionID and timestamp were not sufficient for my project as unique identifier. Hence the idea with a sequence number.
And here all the trouble started.
a) creating a trigger with after insert or update on the unfied_audit_trail view failed.
b) creating a trigger with an instead-statment on the unfied_audit_trail view is being blocked by
a error message that a specific column would not be permitted.

--------- -------------------------------------------------------------
2/4 PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
219/5 PL/SQL: ORA-00984: Spalte hier nicht zulässig

Looking at that column shows:
trigger_UAT.txt (5.26 KB)new.PROTOCOL_SESSION_ID,

What I am asking is - does anyone know
a) a good alternative to my whole idea of creating an additional table and transferring the data into it ?
b) does anyone know the reason for the error message ocurring?

Thank you and Regards!

This post has been answered by Solomon Yakobson on Jan 5 2023
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Added on Jan 5 2023