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Enhancement request: accept host commands that don't terminate

Erik van RoonSep 24 2023 — edited Jan 14 2024

UPDATE: See my comment of Jan 14 2024 - Cause is NOT SQLcl. Exception handling still really bad.

Just ran into an annoying limitation of SQLcl.
(I run it on Windows 11, not tested on linux)

If I execute a host command to open a file in my texteditor of choice (UltraEdit), than although control is immediately returned to SQLcl the process that was started remains running because the texteditor is still running with the file open.
This leads to an IllegalThreadStateException ("Process has not exited") .
After this message, SQLcl is basically dead. It does not accept any keyboard input anymore, even if I close the editor.

The Exception and message are correct, but not desired.
It is a perfectly normal and acceptable state: the editor still open and sqlcl ready to continue.

So, I would love this to be improved.
Maybe turn it into a simple warning message??
But even that can be suppressed as far as I'm concerned.

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Added on Sep 24 2023