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Unexpected Drill behaviour with OBIEE over Essbase

ishah99Nov 27 2008 — edited Nov 28 2008
HI All,

Just wondering if there is anything in particular that needs to be done to the MOdel design in OBIEE to ensure Essbase data drills "correctly"

Right now what seems to occur, is that if I choose a particular level of a dimension hierarchy in my query (eg level 3), when I drill on that level, it not only retrieves a new column for the next level in the hierarchy, but also brings in all ancestor levels into the result set.

Query Has :

My Dimension (Gen 3) , My Measure

After drilling on My Dimension (Gen 3) i would expect
My Dimension (Gen 3), My Dimension (Gen 4), My Measure

instead I get :

My Dimension (Gen 3), My Dimension (Gen 4), My DImension (Gen 2), My Dimension, (Gen 1), My Measure

I have tried changing the properties on the physical layer of the dimension for the Hierarchy type from Fully Balanced, to Ragged and Unbalanced, but it does not change the behaviour.

This occurs for all dimensions in the cube which is imported into the model.

Is anyone else experiencing similar behaviour, is their a solution for this.

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