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Understanding Administration > Manage Sessions > View Log

Siraj HasanFeb 12 2024

Dear OA SME's, (full disclosure) after working with OBIEE/OAS for years (10g - OAS 7.0) I have used Administration > Manage Sessions > “View Log” to pull the physical query issued by OAS to the database most of the time beyond that I have not fully utilized the log for any other purpose (mostly due to being overwhelmed by it). I was wondering if there is any document/cheat sheet etc. that explains the content of “View Log” in terms of its structure, what all is captured in it, how it can be used for diagnostic purposes (meaning what useful information it has and where to look for), any pointers/document/tips to fully understand the content of “View Log” and how to utilize it to the fullest extent, is highly appreciated.

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Added on Feb 12 2024
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