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DSTU2 APIs (Millennium)


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Unable to view the newly added test data

Prasuna HOct 3 2023 — edited Mar 8 2024
  • I have registered a SMART on FHIR application on
  • I created my own test patient data with scope user/ and user/Patient.write using below URL

We are facing issue while creating new patient via Potman where we are getting 201 status with empty response in body. So we are unable to track Patient which we are trying to create

We are using DSTU 2 Final (1.0.2) version where we followed the below doc in order to make post call .

Patient | DSTU 2 API (

Note:- We used same URL and the Payload which is available in the document.

Access-token sample for reference:-


  • I was succesfully able to create new patient, but unable to view it in the test sanbox where sample patient data is available, Can you please clarify on how can i view the data that i created newly in the test sandbox. Please refer to the screenshot below

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Added on Oct 3 2023