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unable to use ctx_doc despite Oracle Text installation

776964Jun 3 2010 — edited Jun 3 2010

We're using Oracle 9iR2.
I'm in need to convert a Long Raw column to readable text. I've managed to convert it to CLOB and it now gives me an RTF encoded string.

I've read on several forums that this RTF string can be converted to readable text using the CTX_DOC.FILTER or CTX_DOC.IFILTER functions. But despite Oracle Text being successfully installed (by OUI), there ain't any CTX_DOC packages. I'm getting the error:

"PLS-00201: identifier 'CTX_DOC.IFILTER' must be declared".

Even running as database administrator, I'm not able to run this function.

Can anyone help us in making this work?

Thanks in advance!
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