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Unable to synch Assets of type Page to webcenter sites.....

967287Oct 11 2012 — edited Oct 11 2012
Hi All,
We have kept repository containing developed source code on SVN and i have checked out the code into my workspace.
When i am trying to import Templates to my webcenter sites instance using 'Synch to WebCenterSites' , for some templates
i am getting log message as following
[2012-10-12 11:44:48,278] [INFO ] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [com.fatwire.csdt] Importing DSKEY Template-b7b5e4d6-2aee-4536-9514-559b602d19f4 (batch 1349998214674)
[2012-10-12 11:44:48,326] [INFO ] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [com.fatwire.csdt] SKIPPING Template:1349502826947 as it has same timestamp as that in CS.
[2012-10-12 11:44:48,326] [INFO ] [.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'] [com.fatwire.csdt] *** Completed importing batch 1349998214674

And when i loged in to WCS i cant see there Templates of type Page in Admin interface!!!!!!

Is there something special process for importing Page assets ??? Even i cant see any pages in Contributor mode????

Can anyone help me in it???

Thanks in advance,

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