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Unable to start IntegratedWebLogicServer with SoaQuickStart12c - Jdev12c

2739096Aug 27 2014 — edited Aug 29 2014


I want to start developing Oracle Event Processing applications. For this I have installed JDK jdk-7u67-windows-i586, OEP 12c (fmw_12. and SOA Quick Start Installer (fmw_12. I am now able to start the OEP server. However when I run Jdeveloper from the SOA Middleware path, I am unable to run the integrated weblogic instance.

It throws error -

cmd.exe /c ""..\\Oracle\Middleware_SOA12c\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd" "\\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\system12.\o.j2ee.adrs\""

Process started

wlst > Error occurred during initialization of VM

wlst > Could not reserve enough space for object heap

wlst > Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.

wlst > Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

The jdev.conf in \\Oracle\Middleware_SOA12c\jdeveloper\jdev\bin has 'AddVMOptionHotspot  -XX:MaxPermSize=320M'. I tried to change this value to 512M,720M. But then at jdev startup it gives error - Unable to create an instance the JVM Located at Path  c:\ProgramFiles\Java\jdk1.7.0_67\jre\bin\client.jvm.dll.

I have also tried changing the values after deleting the default domain.

Please help.

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Added on Aug 27 2014
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