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Unable to start Flight Recorder from JMC

sam.bishopJan 4 2018 — edited Jan 15 2018

I'm trying to transition from using JMC 6.0 from within a JDK 9 installation to using it as an Eclipse plugin, but I can't start a Flight Recorder session using the Eclipse plugin version.

This looks like a Windows-specific issue.  If I open the "Start Flight Recording" wizard using (the plugin version), I get an error message near the top of the wizard page saying that ": is an invalid character in path C:/Users/...".  It's obviously complaining about the colon after the drive letter.  The path text box is read-only, and the "Browse..." button opens a dialog window that does not allow me to change the folder or path, so I'm stuck.

If I remember right, the standalone version ( gives me a relative "Destination File" path in the "Start Flight Recording" wizard, so it doesn't have this problem.

This post has been answered by Klara Ward Java Mission Control Dev-Oracle on Jan 11 2018
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