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Unable to ping Oracle Linux instance on OCI, unable to access docker based services, able to ssh

User_J0B2KJul 26 2022

As said in the title. I am unable to ping my instance, and I am unable to access any services on it using it's public IP.
I installed Tailscale, and through IP given to the instance by VPN, I am able to both ping, access cockpit and access services started by Docker.
When I stopped firewalld, restarted docker and all containers, I was still unable to ping or access anything there.
I suppose this is some misconfiguration of firewalld, but stopping it shouldn't help? I need any kind of guidance, and I will be extremely helpful for any help!
Ps. I am attaching logs from firewalld and output of sudo firewall-cmd --zone=${zone} --list-all for each of the zones.
firewalld_logs.txt (9.83 KB)zones.txt (2.41 KB)

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Added on Jul 26 2022