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Unable to make auto approval for HR person in HCM responsive Pages.

Anilkumar YNov 24 2022 — edited Nov 24 2022

Hi All,
We have ESS and MSS pages in Responsive and HR pages in Classic, now we are planning to move HR from classic to responsive pages, but we have a below challenge.
We have existing workflow rules for MSS transactions as manager+1, and also for HR auto approvals, now we enabled HR pages to responsive and have the below challenge.
Issue: if a person is an HR manager, a person is having both a Manager and HR roles, now if he submit's any transaction for his direct reports it should go to manager+1 and if he submit's as HR for any person it should get auto approved, instead this for both transactions are triggering the approval.
Please anyone has any idea to make HR auto-approval let me know.
Appreciate any suggestions.
Anilkumar Y

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Added on Nov 24 2022